Top 5 great parks and reserves of South Africa

The parks and reserves of South Africa have a unique distinction which is that they are specialized and famous for their own identity. So, in this direction, the diversity in the wilderness makes South Africa a unique country for visiting as well. When you will make visits to South Africa, then it is sure that you will return back with a lifelong experience which will give you solace in your solitude also. If you are looking for wildlife, hiking, wildflowers or activities, then you will get all its reserves and parks as well. Moreover, every park and reserve have been arranged in such a way that any visitor can get the maximum enjoyment without getting any fuss. So, every moment in South African parks and reserves will draw your attention as well.

Kruger National Park

Dramatic sunrise at Kruger National Park, South Africa.

This South African park is famous for the wildlife. Moreover, it draws all animal lovers from all over the world throughout the year. So, you will see the unique combination of the different kind of animal are living with a peaceful atmosphere. Also you will see some exciting animal relationship and animal bonding in this park. It has 20,000 sq-km in its area. So, you will able to see a lot of different kinds of wildlife like lion, rhino, leopard and elephant.

Table Mountain National Park


National Park Table Mountain South Africa, Cape Town. View of the Atlantic Ocean in a great day in April

It is a quite natural mountain top in South Africa. Moreover, its unique geographical formation makes it a class of its own. Here, you can enjoy your pastime along a little party with your family under the open sky around the natural habitat. Actually, it is a table top formation on a mountain. So, physically it is unique and quite different from the others. It is a 1000m high plateau and from here you will able to see South Africa’s oldest city, the Cape of Good Hope.

Namaqua National Park

Landscape with colorful wild flowers and tree, Namaqua National Park, South Africa

This park is famous for the wildflowers. If you are a keen nature photographer and also a flower lover, then it is the place which will give ample opportunity to enjoy it. Moreover, from mid-August to mid-September, you will able to watch the colorful spectacle of the different flowers in this park. Since, the spectacular show of wildflowers in this region will mesmerize your mind with its amazing scenic beauty.

Golden Gate Highlands National Park

A road along the Brandwag Buttress in the Golden Gate Highlands National Park, South Africa. Photographed in late afternoon sunlight.

If you like to watch the spectacular sunset in South Africa, then you should come in this park. This park is well known for its sunset extravaganza. Its brilliant cast of golden aura will mesmerize your eyes and you will never forget it in your life as well. Here, you will see the play between the sun rays in the evening with its brilliant cloud formation in the sky. Actually, this sunset will increase your passion for love with you as well.

Cederberg Wilderness Reserve

The Stadsaal Caves landscape in the Cederberg, South Africa

If you are a hiker, then this park is a great place for you. Moreover, its amazing sloe formation will make your hiking more challenging ans well as entertaining. You can visit this place between April and August.

Therefore, the great parks and reserves of South Africa will not only give you a memorable experience. But, it also will bring it in your memory frequently throughout your lifetime.

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