How South Africa’s tourism industry is world famous

South Africa has emerged as the leading destination for leisure, travel, and business, the world over. This is due to multiple reasons including its scenic beauty, sunny climate, and cultural diversity. Currently about 7.9 percent of GDP of South Africa comes from tourism.

Multiple factors have led to emergence of South Africa as a tourist hub. One of the prime reasons for the country to emerge as leaders in tourism industry is due to the fact that South Africa has been able to categorize the industry into distinct segments. These segments include business tourism, cultural tourism, eco tourism, adventure and sports tourism primarily.

Business tourism

Breathtaking scenery including acres of golf courses across the nation attracts business travelers from all over the world. Adding to these are world-class conference hall facilities coupled with excellent convention centers. All these make this nation a perfect venue for holding business meetings and conferences that attract potential clients from across the globe.

Cultural tourism

South Africa has been able to harness and promote its cultural tribes. This has made the country a top destination of those who wish to explore the same for its diverse culture. Zulus and nomadic San are some of the prime tribes of South Africa that have been extremely popular with those who wish to explore the cultural diversity of South Africa.

South Africa is also home to 8 World Heritage Sites, 4 of which are culture heritage sites. The nation has been able to promote these among tourists and generates valuable foreign exchange from these too. The tourism department has promoted these among visitors and has been able to attract culture lovers from across the world.

Eco tourism

South Africa has diverse climatic conditions. These vary from tropical in the southeastern part to desert in the central region. The country has been able to utilize these resources in an effective manner to attract potential tourists and promote the concept of eco tourism. Owing to presence of over 19 national parks in the country, South Africa has been able to harness it effectively and attracts nature lovers from world over who bring along valuable foreign currency.

Adventure tourism

Owing to its location, South Africa has been able to promote adventure tourism on a large scale. The country lies at the southern tip of a big continent and has over 3,000 km of coastline. This makes the country an ideal destination for adventure lovers. South Africa has harnessed this resource effectively and has been able to promote river rafting, hiking and mountain biking, to name a few.

Sports tourism

South Africa has well developed sports infrastructure. The regional government hold numerous sporting events, the year around. These include Comrades marathon and Cape Argus cycle race which are annual events. This key focus on sports has led to emergence of a new tourism category that come every year to witness these sporting events amongst others that are held every year.

South Africa has been able to create a niche among countries across the world, when it comes to tourism promotion. Explore the same and plan a trip to this wonderland.

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