Best places to travel in south Africa

South Africa has all the things, which any traveler would want to have. Right from coastal areas, places promising you refreshing mountain air to adventurous places, it has everything, which you would like to see in your holiday. Plus you have loads of food and irresistible wine to try out at in this country. Anyone travelling to this place simply does not want to end his or her holiday. You get away with some of the most incredible experience while visiting this country for your holiday. Considering the number of places found in South Africa, it is often confusing affair to decide upon the places to visit in your holiday. Hence in order to get rid of this confusion, the following list of best places to travel in South Africa will help you. Let’s explore it.

Table Mountain in Cape Town

You can make out something from the very name of this place. Table Mountain is flat topped mountain situated in Cape Town. If you visit this place, make sure you hike at the top of this mountain. Though climbing up is a difficult task, however, it has loads of fun along with getting one of the best view of the city Cape Town. The sea breeze touching you over this height could really help you in freshening up.

Robben Island in Cape Town

Cape Town has a number of places to visit, but one of the best locations to visit here is the Robben Island. This island has been included in UNESCO World Heritage Site, which encompasses a number of things in it. However, one of the best attractions of this place is the prison wherein a number of political prisoners were held in the Apartheid era. This island also had a leper colony, a defense training base and a mental hospital. The prison itself is one of the famous tourist places in South Africa since you could move inside the security areas, where people like Nelson Mandela and other activists were imprisoned. Thus you get the chance to explore the history while visiting this place.


This is a beautiful town located in the heart of the country. It has one of the most beautiful places called the Garden Route. It is nestled between the mighty Outeniqua Mountains and the incredible Indian Ocean. This place has been voted as one of the most favorite place to visit by travelers all around the world for a number of times. This place encompasses friendly and welcoming people and culture backed a number of activities and attraction in it. When you visit this place, don’t miss to be on the large lagoon, which is basically an ideal place for water sports and surrounded by forests that happens to be a great place for walking. Owing to its popularity, Knysna is overcrowded place during the tourist season.

Kruger National Park

Visiting South Africa and missing to visit Kruger National Park could be a crime. This place is one of the oldest wildlife park, established in the year 1898, which is known to offer you one of the most incredible safari experiences in this continent. It carries one of the highest ranges of wildlife found in this continent. These include crocodiles, hippos, cheetah, giraffe, and many much such species to explore. Kruger is one of the most maintained parks found in South Africa. The roads at this place are of good quality wherein you could move in specialized safari vehicles.

Final word

If you are planning to visit South Africa, you are certainly making a good choice for your holiday. While planning your holiday tour to this country, make sure you do not avoid the above named places as these are considered among the best popular places to visit by any traveler.