Best beaches for couples in Africa

Africa is blessed with number of beautiful and enthralling beaches. There are many islands found in Indian Ocean that surrounds Africa, which makes them a perfect place for a number of romantic and honeymoon couples to drop in and have good time together. The natural beauty and incredible aroma found over these beaches in Africa simply strengthen their love and affection between the couples. These beaches give you all the reasons to revive your love and strengthen your relationship for a long run. So, let’s check some of the best beaches found in Africa for different couple as under:

Mnemba Island in Tanzania

This island is basically a private island found in Indian Ocean, which happens to be the part of Zanzibar Archipelago. Mnemba is surrounded by beautiful beaches that offer you a number of water sports as well, which you could try with your partner along with taking a long stroll over the sands of Mnemba.

Also, you get the chance of catching up few glimpses of whales, dolphins and even whale sharks. It is among the best beach for romantic couples who could enjoy incredible luxury in different cottages.

There are total 10 luxury cottages meant for couples, which allow you to have good time together. All the cottages have a separate and beautiful veranda, which are hidden over the shade of tropical beach forest, thus giving you an extra ordinary view from inside. The best time to visit is between the months of March to July.

Bom Bom Islet in Principe


Praia Coco on Principe Island, Sao Tome and Principe, Africa

Another worthy place is Bom Bom Islet, which is close to Gabon located in Western Africa. It is the home of some of the best and incredible beaches.

Principe is basically two smaller size islands having a population of 5000 people. The Bom Bom Island over this place has one of the finest environment friendly resorts, which you could see over the northern side of Principe.

In fact, this is one of the key attractions for couples wherein they can have luxury life having incredible and mesmerizing food and wine. The virgin forests found over Principe are the perfect home for bird watchers.


Quirimbas Archipelago in Mozambique


Another worthy beach for couples in Africa is Quirimbas Archipelago, which is among the pristine islands of Indian Ocean in Mozambique. You could find a national park over the southern island wherein you could see a rare species of Dugong. This island is also called as the paradise for divers wherein you could even find huge angelfish, parrotfish, dolphins, cave bass, moray eels and hammerhead sharks. These are good to explore with your partner. The number of coastal places found in northern side of Mozambique also attracts the couples.

Sainte Marie Island in Madagascar


Aerial view of Sainte Marie island, Madagascar

Another nice beach for couples in Africa is Sainte Marie Island, which is situated at the eastern side of Madagascar. It is considered as a tropical paradise, which is popular for boasting sunshine for round the year.

It has some of the best and calm waters backed by perfect white sand beaches that are surrounded by countless palm trees. You could find a number of eco friendly resorts and hotels with your partner and have good time there. The best time to visit this beach is in between July to September.

Final word

This is just a modest list of beaches found in Africa for couples. But looking at the natural beauty and the environment evident at these places, these remain the favorite for couples. You could find lots of honeymoon and other couples catching up at these beaches and having good time together.

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